Windows 10 Dark Theme: Night Mode Activated!

Due to the lack of notable third-party themes for Windows 10 out there, let's settle with this Windows 10 dark theme for now.

windows 10 dark theme or night mode

This Windows 10 Dark Theme aka Night Mode aka Evil Mode aka Dark Background for Settings Menu and Metro Apps Only is so hot right now with their manual tweaking of registry keys. What some fail to realize is there's an easier way to do this. Thanks, tenforums.

windows 10 dark theme or night mode2

How to activate Windows 10 Dark Theme the easy way:

1. Download and extract this.

2. Double-click Dark Theme.

3. Sign out or Restart.

4. Done. Be amazed of your half-baked dark theme.

How to activate Windows 10 Light Theme or go back to Windows 10 default theme the easy way:

1. Double-click Light Theme from the downloaded folder.

2. Sign out or Restart.

3. Done.

Is this "Dark Theme" even considered a "Windows theme" when it only changes the Settings menu and some metro apps' background and font color? Not even File Explorer or the entire OS itself!