The Windows 10 Fever

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and in all honesty, I freaking love Windows 10. It's simple, flat, not exactly mind-blowing -- and that's why it has a special place in my heart. Let me make a pros and cons list.

windows 10 settings

Pros of Windows 10:

1. It's flat. Well, I've said that above but, yes, Windows 10 default theme is flat. Beautifully flat.

2. Windows 7, Windows 8 and iOS hybrid lookswise. This is the most good-looking Windows version yet.

3. It's faster. Coming from Windows 7 with a mid-range laptop, I can attest to this.

4. It boots up faster. 13-15 seconds when fast startup is enabled on my machine.

5. Default font is pretty. But what is it? Is it Arial, Helvetica, Open Sans? I can't figure it out but I like it. One thing's for sure, it's not Segoe UI, thankfully.

6. It's more organized. The Settings menu, Start menu, Action Center, they all work together to make things easier.

7. Start menu goodness. Again, coming from Windows 7 who hasn't tasted Windows 8, I love that I can pin more things on the Start menu. And more options when right-clicking the Start button.

8. Upgrade is free. Who wouldn't like this?

9. Apps and files work after upgrade. The fact that most of my programs work (I haven't opened them all, those that I have, worked fine) is a treat.

10. Introduction of Microsoft Edge. It's not THE browser yet, but after a few extensions here and a few tweaks there, this might be the one.

11. Third-party customizations, tweaks and mods in the future. I'm eagerly looking forward to this. Good luck, themers and modders.

Cons of Windows 10:

1. Upgrade was a pain (for some). It was for me at first. I had to use this media creation tool to fetch the ISO because it won't give me the Windows 10 update.

2. No Aero. Yet.

3. How to change the default font? Default font is already good but freedom of choice, anyone?

4. File Explorer was confusing at first. There was too much going on, but not a few clicks can't fix.

5. No beautiful themes available yet. Well, it's still early.

Overall, vanilla Windows 10 is as good as it gets. Probably, a few hiccups for some, but it's worth it.