Cool uTorrent Skins

Our simple yet useful programs need love, too. Case in point: uTorrent.

cool utorrent skins

I used to have uTorrent's latest version til they screwed themselves over and married a guilt-tripping cryptocurrency miner. Now, I'm sticking with uTorrent 2.2.1 -- the pure and untouched version. Why didn't I jumped ship and sailed with Deluge and qBittorrent? Because of slow downloads. I don't know why or how uTorrent's download speed is faster than both of them. I must've have done things and completely forgot about them. Anyway, since (old) uTorrent is my chosen torrent client, it deserves my support.

What is uTorrent?

It's a BitTorrent client that can be used to download Linux torrents.

Here are 7 cool uTorrent skins worth downloading and using:

Pure Flat 2013 uTorrent Skin

pure flat 2013 utorrent skin

Four Hours for utorrent

four hours for utorrent skin

a0x uTorrent icons set 1.0

a0x utorrent icons set 1.0 skin

a0x uTorrent icons set 1.8

a0x utorrent icons set 1.8 skin

a0x uTorrent set2 1.0

a0x utorrent set2 1.0 skin

Albook utorrent

albook utorrent skin

Gnome for uTorrent

gnome for utorrent skin

How to change uTorrent's skin?

1. Extract zip file into a temporary location or you'll end up unintentionally overwriting skins if you extract them all in uTorrent's folder.

2. Drag or copy-paste files from the extracted zip to %AppData%/uTorrent. toolbar.bmp, tabs.bmp and tstatus.bmp are the only important files/images that need to be overwritten when we change skins. Some skins include file.ico, main.ico or tray.ico, unless you want to change uTorrent's file icon, main icon or system tray icon, you can leave these files alone.

3. Close and open uTorrent.

4. Done.

How to change uTorrent 2.2.1's progress bar colors 'cause they're pretty bland?

color-coded utorrent status bar

agent007bond made a detailed tutorial on how to change uTorrent's progress bar colors depending on your torrent's status.

Is there a night mode/dark skin for uTorrent?

Yes, but I haven't personally tried it, use at your own risk. Download here.

uTorrent 2.2.1 is old and probably vulnerable [indistinct chatter]?

Most of us who downgraded and stayed are probably aware of this.