Minimal and Lightweight Online Radio Player for Windows

Not appearance-related but minimalism-related. I'd just like to share this nifty little thing I've discovered for fellow radio listeners out there who still listen to internet radio stations on their computer.

The Search

Before I discovered this little gem, I kept trying to connect to Winamp's online radio and kept failing. Connecting to a station took forever so I stopped trying and fired up Google Search. I needed a new program dedicated to playing internet radio, anyway, since Winamp is quite bulky on my computer. Don't get me wrong, I still use Winamp for playing music from my music library. Long live, Winamp! I just needed a lightweight desktop program solely for playing music from an internet radio station to my ears.

Why not just use your browser to play online radio?

I'd rather not add burden to my precious internet browser.

The Solution

I was so close to installing Spider Player or AIMP just to listen to online radio stations, 'til I found a better, more lightweight, more portable (?), easy to use music player dedicated solely to streaming online radio.

GaGa: A Radio Tray Alternative for Windows

gaga lightweight online radio player for windows' system tray

Radio Tray is an online radio streamer that sits on Linux system tray. It's simple, minimal and extremely lightweight. But it's not available for Windows.

Here comes GaGa. GaGa is a Radio Tray alternative for Windows. It's a simple, minimal and extremely lightweight online radio player that sits on Windows system tray.

GaGa is also portable so just place it inside a folder wherever, and click on that little "play" icon whenever you wanna listen to internet radio.

GaGa features:

gaga features

Adding, editing and switching to stations is easy as pie - Just name the station, grab the stream link from your favorite internet radio website (e.g. The Penthouse = and choose the station by right-clicking on the little "play" or "stop" icon on your system tray.

Volume control - No-brainer.

Lightweight - It can go from 5,000 up to 11,000 KB based from my experience. Winamp can go up to 80,000 KB when I listen to offline music.

Portable - No need to install.

Unobtrusive - It's as if it's meant to be there.

Free - It's like the magic word. Free.

One feature I'd love GaGa to have:

Ability to be added to Startup Programs - Dear Beluki, please, let this happen. Please, see Beluki's comment below to add GaGa as a startup program. Thanks for the tip, Beluki.

I listen to Jazz music when I internet. So, yes, I use GaGa whenever I get the chance. Cool little freeware. Thanks Beluki for GaGa. And thanks cribeiro5 for Radio Tray.