Animated, Glowing Windows Cursors (The Compilation)

This list is a humble compilation of animated, glowing Windows cursors I've tested, showcased, used and still using. It will be updated when necessary. It's also part of our upcoming master list of Windows cursors.


They glow and electrify! "Busy" pointer reminds me of StarCraft, specifically Protoss.

pulsar windows cursors

shadow cursor

Bluish glow.

shadow cursor windows cursors

Glo Cursors

Subtle glow, menthol-candy-shaped/watermelon-slice-shaped cursors. And they're transparent.

glo cursors windows cursors

Oxygen O2

Based from Glo Cursors. Artist and his page are nowhere to be found, luckily, I saved this cursor pack years ago. [Download Mirror]

oxygen o2 windows cursors


The glow isn't animated, but these cursors are too good to pass up.

glows windows cursors

No INF file/setup file/click to install file:

These cursor schemes are awesome, but they have to be installed manually one by one. Moreover, incomplete cursor schemes -- those missing with several pointers -- are marked "(Incomplete)".

Neon Rainbow Cursors Set 01

This cursor pack has LOTS of potential if only it's a complete set with different .INF files for each color scheme. It already has that funky neon vibe going on, the overall cursor set just needs to be completed. (Incomplete)

neon rainbow cursors set 01 windows cursors

Neon Rainbow Cursors Set 02

Finally, a complete animated rainbow set. Unlike in the first Neon Rainbow Cursors set, the rainbow in this set is animated.

neon rainbow cursors set 02 windows cursors

Hipnotic Cursors Green

This is a funny cursor set because out of all the things it shouldn't lack, it lacks the vital Normal Select pointer. Possibly based from shadow cursor mentioned above. (Incomplete)

hipnotic cursors green windows cursors

Ice Cold Cursors

Edgy, frosty, ice cold-looking cursor pack.

ice cold windows cursors

Flaming Aero Cursors

They're on fire! Not glowing per se, but these cursors are burning! Smokin fire animation by the creator.

flaming aero windows cursors

Battlefield 3 Cursor

Inspired by the FPS video game Battlefield 3.

battlefield 3 windows cursors


Subtle, dark glow in different colors.

dus windows cursors

Electrified Cursors

These ambidextrous cursors are almost invisible on a light background. Better use it when you have a dark theme going on.

electrified windows cursors

Blaze Cursors

These burning ambidextrous cursors are the bomb.

blaze windows cursors

Frozen Cursors

Another set of ambidextrous cursors, but this time, they're icy.

frozen windows cursors

Animated, glowing cursors are fun eye candies when done right. Hopefully, incomplete cursor packs will be completed and updated when their artists find the time to do so.

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Update: Neon Rainbow Cursors Set 02 updated one day or same day (time zones are confusing) after posting this. Tight coincidence. This is a good sign. (1-31-15)

Update 2: Added Flaming Aero Cursors. (2-22-15)

Update 3: Added a bunch of cursors: Glows, Battlefield 3 Cursor, DUS, Electrified Cursors, Blaze Cursors and Frozen Cursors. (2-23-15)