6 of the Best Winamp ClassicPro Skins

Before anything else, let us thank Radionomy for buying Winamp. Thank you Radionomy for keeping one of the most beloved media players alive. Hopefully, you don't screw it up or we'll get our pitchforks ready.

Anyway, to use these Winamp skins below, you need ClassicPro plugin. ClassicPro brings out the best Winamp can offer. There's no reason to not install it, really. Unless you don't wanna use their brilliant skins and features.

Download ClassicPro plugin here.

Let's begin.

But first, how to choose between Color Themes and what are they? Color Themes let you choose color themes for your skin. Like skinning your own skin. Like buying assorted colors for your phone case. If you like a skin's design yet hate its color combination, you can change it via Color Themes.

To choose between Color Themes, go to Winamp's main menu, choose Options then Color Themes then your desired color theme.

Let's begin, foreals.

cPro2 Aluminum

This skin is near perfect and has an abundant supply of color themes. (This is actually Winamp's ClassicPro's default skin. I didn't realize this until months later. Back when I installed ClassicPro, Bento was still its default skin. Great choice of new default skin, ClassicPro.)

cpro2 aluminum

cPro iRda

This is my current fave with its Acuarius color theme. Please, don't let the weak presentation turn you off, it's a great skin.

cpro irda

cPro2 HOLOlike

Daring skin, lots of color themes and extra simple modifications for the top and bottom bar.

cpro2 hololike

cPro Relax

Reminds me of TRON. The title bar buttons are smaller than normal but livable.

cpro relax

cPro smpldrk

This skin might have a few color theme selection but its unique design made up for it. By unique design I meant the cool, ancient-ish buttons.

cpro smpldrk

cPro2 Dark Aluminum

Remember cPro2 Aluminum? This is the dark version of it, no really. Not to mention the wide array of color themes.

cpro2 dark aluminum

That's all folks.
6 of the best Winamp ClassicPro skins. It'll be hard to top this list. But once I do, it'll surely be as good as these or 10x better.

Note: Winamp is undergoing whatever changes right now. If you wish to install their latest, stable version before Radionomy took over, download here.