19 Ultra-Minimalist Start Orbs for Windows 7

Gorgeous Machine is a strong advocate of minimalism.

Our favorite recurring theme here is the simple, modern look. Lately, we've been playfully loving flatness. Speaking of flatness, I'll make a new post showcasing delicious, flat icons soon. Also, if you've noticed lately, posts contain less and less words. Let's just say, it's part of our minimalist approach of things, and not because I'm bad at essays.

Anyway, this list of ultra-minimalist start orbs for Windows 7 is quite long. So, brace yourselves. Let's also ignore the fact that most of these start orbs were found via Browse More Like This on deviantart.

Minimalist Circle Start Orbs:

Pixel Orb

pixel orb

Speck Micro

speck micro



Token Light Orb By seahorsepip

token light orb by seahorsepip

Minimalist Arrow Start Orbs:

Beforesounds start button Win7

beforesounds start button win7

Aftersounds start button Win 7

aftersounds start button win 7

Creme Start Orb

creme start orb



Black Series Start Buttons

black series start buttons

Windows7 Arrow

windows7 arrow

Minimalist Square Start Orbs:

Start Likes Systray

start like systray

Square Start Orb

square start orb

Minimalist X Start Orbs:

Tha X Series Start Buttons

tha x series start buttons



Minimalist Miscellaneous Start Orbs:



Dot Circle

dot circle

Clear Orb

clear orb

4 ORBs

4 orbs

Infinity symbol

infinity symbol

Did I say long?