Possibly the Most Beautiful Themes to Ever Grace Windows 7 (1/2)

1/2 of Possibly The Most Beautiful Themes To Ever Grace Windows 7 series.

Part 2 here.

Majority of the themes from this list were made by neiio. Guy makes the best minimalistic and most appealing Windows 7 themes out there, IMO.

Safe to say these themes utilize Windows 7 Aero very well. Some of these theme packs already include start orbs and wallpapers, fully immersing us in a wonderful desktop experience.

Let's begin.

Windows 7 Themes (Aero):


Clean and simple.

prime windows 7 theme


Beautiful wallpapers included.

absolute windows 7 theme


Sleek and modern.

premiere windows 7 theme


Frosted fog.

windows windows 7 theme


Mac and Windows hybrid.

darwin windows 7 theme

Windows 7 Theme (Non-Aero):

Space Blueberries

Non-aero? No prob.

space blueberries windows 7 theme

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