Make Windows 7 Look Like Ubuntu Linux Now!

Do you like the look of Ubuntu but not bothered to deal with the complexity of the OS?

Do you like the look of Ubuntu without installing skin packs that may or may not kill your computer?

Do you like to transform Windows 7 to Ubuntu aesthetically in the simplest way possible?

Get ready.

Visual style:

Maverick for Win7

Silky smooth theme that temporarily makes you forget about Windows 7's transparency.

maverick for win7 theme


UbuntuConcept Cursors for Win

If UbuntuConcept's Text Select's color makes it hard to use on a black background, use the cursors below these instead...

ubuntuconcept cursors for windows

token light cursors

Inspired from the infamous token icons.

token light cursors

token dark cursors

Dark version of token light cursors… obviously.

token dark cursors

Soft7 Cursors

Soft, semi-transparent cursors.

soft7 cursors

Start Orb:

ubuntu startOrb

Complements Maverick for Win7 and token cursors.

ubuntu startorb

Icon Packs:

Ubuntu 10 IconPack Installer

Ubuntu 10 icons.

ubuntu 10 iconpack installer

Taskbar Icons:


Complements Maverick for Win7, token cursors and ubuntu startOrb.


Chrome Theme:

New Ubuntu theme for Chrome


new ubuntu theme for chrome


Ubuntu 12.04 default wallpaper

Download the rest here.

ubuntu 12.04 default wallpaper

Edit: Added Ubuntu 10 IconPack Installer. (11/26/13)