10 Simplistic Modern Cursors for Windows

Look at that, I made this blog since 2012, and haven't listed any lovely cursor packs aside from Gaia and Minecraft.

simplistic modern windows cursors

Simple yet modern cursor lovers, this list is for you. These light and dark cursors can be paired with any Windows theme since they don't have a particular look that makes them stand out. And that makes them awesome.

Light Windows cursors:

token light cursors


token light cursors

Soft7 Cursors

Soft, semi-transparent.

soft7 cursors

UbuntuConcept Cursors for Win

As the name suggests.

ubuntuconcept cursors for win

Transparency Cursors


transparency cursors

Transparency Cursors 2

Semi-transparent v2.

transparency cursors 2

Dark Windows cursors:

token dark cursors

Dark perfection.

token dark cursors

shadow cursor

It glows.

shadow cursor


Windows 8-inspired.


Mac OS X Cursor Pack

As the name suggests.

mac os x cursor pack

New Mac OS X Cursor

Glossy version of Mac OS X Cursor Pack. (Installing these will replace Mac OS X Cursor Pack schemes so I renamed them so you can have both - Download here)

new mac os x cursor

I'm using token dark cursors with Maverick for Win7 at the moment. Black Text Select on Metapad's black background makes it slightly harder to use but is not a big deal for me.