Famous Cyborg Chrome Themes for Download!

Who is Cyborg?

Cyborg is a famous Chrome theme maker. His works were stunning. One can easily spot a Cyborg Chrome theme based from the high quality and good contrast of colors on the theme.

Because of his unique, beautiful themes, he developed a fan base in the Chrome space. Along with these supportive fans also came his trolls who kept harassing him. Which leads us to...

What happened to Cyborg? Why did his Chrome themes disappear from the Chrome Web Store?

Nobody knows what happened to him. Rumors say he got fed up by his trolls and deleted everything. Others say his themes were removed from the Web Store because of copyright infringement of the photos he used in his themes.

Do you know where can I download Cyborg Chrome themes?

Luckily, I found this thread where generous people like CannedBread, tsukipoh and Peter Flynn shared some of Cyborg's famous themes.

Cyborg's Anime Chrome Themes:

Note: These are just 10 of the best anime themes I picked from the ZIP file by CannedBread to help you decide. The names are based from the ZIP file that you can download here.

Angel Beats

angel beats theme


anime theme

Hatsune Miku

hatsune miku theme


madoka theme

Megurine Luka

megurine luka theme


nichijou theme


nino theme

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

sayonara zetsubou sensei theme


smile theme

Utatane Piko & Furukawa Miki

utatane piko and furukawa miki theme

Listening to Music (Not from the ZIP)

listening to music cyborg google chrome theme

Cyborg's Other Famous Chrome Themes:

The Full Moon Wait

the full moon wait cyborg google chrome theme

French Lake

french lake cyborg google chrome theme

Cyborg has created hundreds of Google Chrome themes. These themes aren't even half of his creations. If you have saved the .CRX of his themes, kindly share in the comments. This guy is a genius. Let's support him despite his disappearance.

Update: Added more themes. (2-5-15)