6 Reasons Why Metapad Is the Best Windows Text Editor

When it comes to the best notepad replacement, Metapad is the first on my list. It's lightweight and opens up lightning fast. Metapad can also be used to quick-edit HTML files. It may not be as powerful as Notepad++, but it'll do.

6 Simple Reasons Why I Think Metapad Is the Best Windows Text Editor:

1. Call me shallow but my most favorite Metapad feature is the ability to change its background color alongside with its font style, size and color.


Also, dual font support. Some of you may wonder what's the use of a secondary font. Primary font is your primary font in typing. Secondary font is useful for printing. Before you print text, you can switch to your secondary font, first.

My primary font setting:

Font: Segoe UI
Font style: Bold
Font size: 11
Font color: RGB - 192 192 192
Window color (Background color): RGB - 0 0 0

My eyes love this setting. Tell me what's yours!

My secondary font setting:

Font: Arial
Font style: Regular
Font size: 11
Font color: RGB - 0 0 0
Window color (Background color): RGB - 255 255 255

Good for printing.

2. Transparent Mode which is available for Windows 2000 or later is a fun addition, too. It can be enabled from the Options menu or pressing Ctrl+U.

metapad transparent mode

3. Ability to convert selected text to Uppercase, Lowercase, Inverted Case, Title Case and Sentence Case.

metapad convert selected feature

4. Hyperlinks are clickable. Unlike in Notepad.

5. Doesn't hang when you open large text files. Unlike in Notepad.

6. Intelligent Find and Replace. Automatically goes Up or Down when it reaches the end of the file upon searching.

1 Minor Con of Metapad:

1. Spell checking is complicated.

Different kinds of text editors and their usefulness.

Metapad does not entirely replace my Notepad. As I use them side by side. In fact, here is how I weigh their usefulness.

Notepad - Basic text editor for Windows. Only used for quick to-dos. Where I write stuff I don't want to forget later.

Metapad - All-around text editor for Windows. Where I spend most of my text time.

Notepad++ - Powerful code editor for Windows. For codes only.

All in all, Metapad is undoubtedly the best Windows text editor. Also, it's free.

Edit: I found Metapad's big bro. Gonna keep these old, quite unappealing Metapad screenshots for nostalgia's sake. (1-26-15)