5 Awesome Lightweight Opera Themes

Rant activated.

Opera 12 beta, codenamed as Opera Wahoo, is out. With the introduction of new lightweight themes.

Based from their team's announcement, the old skin section will be discontinued, and it looks like they are encouraging devs to drop their old gorgeous themes THAT MADE THEM STOOD OUT FROM THE CROWD OF THEMES, and embrace the lightweight version of themes.

Looks like Opera is trying to be a crossbreed of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Gone are the unique themes that made them relevant. Oh, well.

Knowing Opera 12 is still beta, I understand minor glitches like being stuck at 40% when downloading a theme. I just want to test-use their blandified Google Chrome-inspired themes. Might as well just change backgrounds instead of themes.

Rant deactivated.

I'm done downloading a bunch of themes, and carefully picked 5 of them that you'll probably like.


nature opera theme


monster opera theme

Green Grass

green grass opera theme

Brushed Metal

brushed metal opera theme

Ambient Blur

ambient blur opera theme

Are you happy with Opera's move? Which do you like better, their old skins or new lightweight themes?