Cool uTorrent Skins

Our simple yet useful programs need love, too. Case in point: uTorrent.

cool utorrent skins

I used to have uTorrent's latest version til they screwed themselves over and married a guilt-tripping cryptocurrency miner. Now, I'm sticking with uTorrent 2.2.1 -- the pure and untouched version. Why didn't I jumped ship and sailed with Deluge and qBittorrent? Because of slow downloads. I don't know why or how uTorrent's download speed is faster than both of them. I must've have done things and completely forgot about them. Anyway, since (old) uTorrent is my chosen torrent client, it deserves my support.

What is uTorrent?

It's a BitTorrent client that can be used to download Linux torrents.

Cool IDM Skins

If you're not aware yet or never bothered to find out, you can actually change IDM's (Internet Download Manager) toolbar skin and size.

cool idm skins

How to Change Windows 10 Mouse Cursors/Pointers

Changing mouse cursors/pointers in Windows 10 is easy. Same with previous Windows versions, there are multiple ways to change Windows cursors.

Note: Windows 7 cursors work on Windows 10. I haven't tested them on Windows 8.

Windows 10 Dark Theme: Night Mode Activated!

Due to the lack of notable third-party themes for Windows 10 out there, let's settle with this Windows 10 dark theme for now.

windows 10 dark theme or night mode

This Windows 10 Dark Theme aka Night Mode aka Evil Mode aka Dark Background for Settings Menu and Metro Apps Only is so hot right now with their manual tweaking of registry keys. What some fail to realize is there's an easier way to do this. Thanks, tenforums.

windows 10 dark theme or night mode2

The Windows 10 Fever

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and in all honesty, I freaking love Windows 10. It's simple, flat, not exactly mind-blowing -- and that's why it has a special place in my heart. Let me make a pros and cons list.

windows 10 settings

Solarized Metapad (How To and Color Codes)

Recently, I talked about a solarized Notepad2. I loved Ethan's Solarized color scheme so much, I tried solarizing some desktop tools I use. One of them is my trusty Metapad.

solarized dark metapad

It's quite easy to use this Solarized color scheme, since its color codes are publicly available on Ethan Schoonover's website.

Since Metapad doesn't support syntax highlighting, we'll just use Solarized's body text/default code/primary content and background color codes.

solarized light metapad

Animated, Glowing Windows Cursors (The Compilation)

This list is a humble compilation of animated, glowing Windows cursors I've tested, showcased, used and still using. It will be updated when necessary. It's also part of our upcoming master list of Windows cursors.


They glow and electrify! "Busy" pointer reminds me of StarCraft, specifically Protoss.

pulsar windows cursors

How Solarized Notepad2 Became My Primary Text Editor

And why you should use it, too.

As I was looking how to prettify my trusty Metapad, I stumbled upon Notepad2. I downloaded it and realized, I already have a copy of it sitting quietly inside my Portable folder.

So, I thought, why didn't this little freeware gain traction at first use. I don't know.

I changed Notepad2's font to Monaco, thought it looked good and used it for the time being.

I cleaned it up a bit and changed its color scheme. It looked really good. Then, I began to use it for everything text-related, unintentionally leaving out Notepad and Metapad.

notepad2 solarized light mode